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Wow it Works Programs | What is it ?

The Wow it Works programs is a modular program .  Each module is a fun-filled , activity based learning project that integrates Science and Mathematics concepts in a real life . It also incorporate technology and application of technology in the design and build of models which represents actual situations or conditions , so that kids can better appreciate the knowledge acquired and how they are being used in actual everyday applications

wow it works programs

Wow it Works Programs | Putting it Together

When kids learn how to design and build , they will need to put everything together . And the greatest joy is …. Hey … It WORKS !!!

  1. Build on kid’s curiosity . Kids love to take things apart . Kids like to discover how things work
  2. Help kids apply  the knowledge of MATHS and SCIENCE not in isolation but in totality .
  3. Hands on to build and construct to solve problems creatively

-  through trials and evaluations
- why some work while  others did not
-  why some work better while others require improvements

 Wow it Works Programs  | Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the programs are as follows ;

  1. Motivate kids to learn math and science concepts by engaging them in real-world problems
  2. Encourage kids to discover how things work
  3. Help children build problem solving skills
  4. Help kids understand what technology does to us
  5. Get kids to interact , socialize and working together in teams

 Wow it Works Programs  | Benefits

  1.  Helping kids to learn more about the world around us
  2. Encourage kids to discover how things works
  3. Motivate kids to learn  Math and Science  by  application of the knowledge through hands on activities – opportunity to design , construct and think
  4. Getting to really physically see , experience and  learn what works and what don’t (and why) through simple trials  , evaluations and understanding of results
  5. Get kids to interact , socialise and working together in teams

 Wow it Works Programs  | A physical model that works

The process of eventually trying something and getting a physical model to work helps to

  1. bring a sense of accomplishment
  2. build self confidence
  3. show others that kids “can do it” too
  4. Demonstrate “mastery”
  5. physically SEE and  BELIEVE in their own abilities of what kids can do

Wow it Works programs helps to arouse interest and excitement in kids . Kids always want to build something and they know that they need the knowledge to  build. So

  1. they need to understand what is  being taught
  2. they must know application of knowledge to construct and build
  3. they must learn hands on activities to solve problems (Physical accomplishment)

The Wow it works program allows kids the opportunity to

  1. Explore different material , design and concepts
  2. They have options  and choices (different material , design and tests , retest , etc)
  3. Hands on to actually  build and construct ,

- through trials and evaluations
-  to understand why some work while  others did not
-  to know why some work better while others require further improvements

  1. Transfer and translate knowledge into physical things that really WORKS ! (and also what does not work , is also knowledge)
  2. Develop creativity (Kids impart their ideas on the problem , to solve it and to improve it)

Wow it Works Programs  | What to expect

The wow it works programs is

  1. Activity and Project based .
  2. has a high level of participation
  3. has a high level of teacher / student engagement
  4. Team work based – to share and learn together
  5. about Technology literacy   – what type of technology is used and what technology  does to us

Wow it works an enrichment program for kids in Singapore

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