WOW it WORKS | Infinity Mirrors

wow it works

The Infinity mirrors uses light and one of the properties of light is that it can be reflected when light falls on an object . We see this same phenomenon when we sometimes get into a lift surrounded by mirrors .

Infinity Mirrors | Material required

To make infinity mirrors , we will need the following

  • 2 glasses (square or rectangle)
  • Reflective Solar films
  • LEDS & batteries
  • Container
  • ON/OFF switch

infinity mirrorsWe will need to mount the reflective solar films onto the 2 glasses . The solar film should one that is highly reflective type , very much like a mirror . So literally one side of the film acts like a mirror which the other allows one to see through  . This is very much like a police investigation room that one gets to see on TV where the cops can see the suspect under investigation through a window . But the suspect can’t see the cops looking at him through the windows .

The container is to house the entire setup . We need to paint the inside of the container black allowing only the LEDS to light up . Without getting the inside of the container , there will be a lot of reflections .

Infinity Mirrors | Setup and results

This is how the setup is done . We have 4 different coloured LEDS between the 2 glass mirrors . The batteries and switch are mounted at the back of the container .

infinity mirrors

Here are the results . The effects are better with brighter LEDS and shorter distance between the 2 glass mirrors

wow it works

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