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Learning process

The learning process in the “WOW it WORKS” program fit very closely to the syllabus published by MOE Singapore . In fact it has all the needed ingredients expected of MOE Singapore , surprising . Surprise because the program was designed without referring to MOE’s website but rather base on what we felt was really important to nurture students for the future .

With the internet , knowledge has not only become relatively cheaper but also readily available . But 2 major problems remain affecting kids .

  1. Though knowledge is readily available , kids may still have problems understanding them .
  2. Not all information available on the internet is accurate and true .

So we still need to guide kids

Learning Process | General

wow it works learning process

The learning process has 3 main blocks , Application of knowledge , Build and Construct and Solving problems

Learning process | Applications

One cannot learn much about Science without basic Mathematics . So basic Mathematics is important to Science as there is a need to gather data , categorization and analysis of data . Having basic knowledge in Maths and Science is good , but more importantly is how to apply and use that knowledge .

So the first building blocks of “wow it works” program learning process is about the Application of that knowledge , not in isolation but in Totality . Totality because there is always inter-relationship between Maths & Science and technology , inter-relation between the various Science topics (say gravity and the other forces at work for example) and when there is a need to construct and build something , it is rarely that only a single knowledge or topic is utilized .  That’s why , we labelled the above as “putting it all together” in the Application of knowledge .

Learning process | Build and construct

In the design and build , or build and construct phase  , we actually build useful and purposeful models or models that represent the real world . Though we normally encourage kids to come up with their own design and ideas  ,  most of the time they end up to something similar to the real world as this is what they have seen or aware of . But it is important to constantly encourage kids to use their own creativity to come up with something different that they can call their own , no matter how ridiculous or crazy the designs or ideas might be , because the program is about self discovery of about what works and what did not , and why . This is key in the learning process

It is in this Build and construct phase where kids find challenges in the application of the basic knowledge that they have acquired . The build and construct many a times will require the application of not just a single knowledge but multiple , coming and putting them together . Kids will realise some parameters will work better than others , some will not work at all . Some will require optimization due to the conflicting nature of the parameters . It is because of the severe challenges in this phase where kids gain the most ,  not just the  understanding of the basic knowledge but appreciation of that knowledge  and the  world around them .

It is important especially in this phase where kids are taught to LOOK better , SEE sharper and IMAGINE further as they try to find answers as to why their  build models does not work as well as expected  . Our ability to SEE and IMAGINE is key in finding solutions to the problems . This is actually Creative thinking and Visual thinking  in the learning process

Learning process | Problem Solving

Now that a whole lot of issues has surfaced , by observation and through comparative analysis kids will slowly learn what works and what did not and why . There is a process involve in problem solving  .

In this Problem Solving learning process , they will works in teams , so that they are able to discuss about the issues on hand and help one another . Because they are group in teams , they will learn about teamwork . Teamwork has job responsibilities and assignments , contributions of members , learning and sharing of data and information , working together towards a common goal or objectives .  In the learning and sharing , kids will learn about the various options , evaluations and trials , data recording and analysis  that is key towards problem solving . Kids will also learn about social skills and interactions which is key in the real social world .

At the end of this initial journey , there would be a working model which works , contributed not only from individuals but as a team . A working physical model not only demonstrate the kids ability to apply the basic knowledge but also help to  instill self confidence in kids . This ability to physically show others is very important in building self esteem in kids , not just grades , for  a physical work that kids can show  to others his mastery and ability .

Learning Process | Example

Here is an example of   how the wow it works program actually works . Suppose the theme if about Wind Energy and the objective is a to design a simple model windmill (or pinwheel for juniors)

wow it works learning process

Depending upon the age group ,theory may include

  1. basic knowledge about how wind is generated
  2. wind (moving air) applications such as the sail boats , hair dryer , hand dryer , fan , lift for the wings of an airplane , work done and light up homes
  3. parts of a windmill

Maths involve can be relatively simple , especially juniors where we get them to guess what will be moved by the wind , or distance moved by the various objects  such as tissue paper , shoes  , a leaf or a  styrofoam ball when we turn “ON” the fan . For seniors , Maths can be to determine relationship of the following with work done

  1. wind speed (velocity)
  2. number of blades
  3. wind directions
  4. angle of attack
  5. possibility of various designed blades

For design and build , juniors get to build pinwheel . Pinwheel templates with different sizes , different number of blades  and different rotation so that junior get a chance to see how each affect work done .

Seniors get to build a model windmill . Parts are provided and seniors will use their creativity base on the earlier knowledge to assemble and build a windmill ,  in teams . As material provided has been previously tried and tested by the trainers , seniors will have some challenges in putting the parts together . It is in this phase that kids learn the most as they explore ways and means to put their experience and knowledge to good use together as a team   . The blades they stick onto the styrofoam ball may fly off as it rotates , or the blades may not turn at all as it is perpendicular to the wind directions , and so forth .


wow it works learning process

As trainers are familiar with the material supplied and therefore ” a controlled” environment , trainers will prompt and ask  kids certain  observations and outcome . This questioning and prompting is important in the learning process , so that kids get a chance to express what they see and know through their own observations .

Once the pinwheel or windmill is build , it will be tested . Kids will then use them to carry load with different  parameter settings (such as different sizes , different number of blades , different material blade ,  different  blade designs , etc) . At the end kids can then make conclusions about what they have observed .

Below is another example of wow it works learning process broken up into 6 stages with explanation

wow it works learning process

wow it works learning process

The wow it works program has everything required for kids . Here is a summary of  the benefits it offers

wow it works learning process

In a nutshell , the Wow it works program has a systematic process , a problem solving methodology and application of skill and knowledge in the design , build and construct of models in the learning process  . All this is part of building a foundation that we believe is necessary for kids so that they are equipped to become better leaders of tomorrow

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