Wow it works | Event at Rochester mall


Wow it works had its first event at Rochester Mall on 21st December 2012 . Most people may not know where is Rochester mall but its at Buona Vista , Singapore .

Wow it works | Kids from KRTC

About 80 kids participated in this pre-Christmas event and we make use of our Gravity Robots for kids to compete . It’s  important not just for the kids but for our robots as well , as we stress these robots at the hands of the kids . It allow us to collect data to pin-point  the weakest areas so that we can improve and enhance its design for better robustness in future .

Wow it works | Robot get new faces

We manage to decorate some of robots with faces but don’t have a chance to give them suits . Maybe next time . For more pictures from this event , kindly go to our event page [here]

wow it workswow it works

Wow it works | Robot competition

At “wow it works” , we prepare a set of robot with different configurations . Some tall some short . Some had weights that are simply too heavy or too light . The idea is to get kids to sort out which robot works well and which will not .  Kids get to select their robots and test them out on a pre-assigned ramps . Once kids test their robots and think that they are good enough , they can proceed to compete on our “olympic size” ramp . If the robot made it past mid point , then the robot gets half point . If the robot make it all the way to the finish mark , then the robot gets full point . 20 tries for each team .

wow it workswow it workswow it workswow it workswow it workswow it works

We also have a new robot logo . That’s all from “wow it works” folks !!

wow it works

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