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wow it works

The Wow it Works program is an enrichment  program  for kids . The Wow it works program is NOT  an ordinary enrichment program that you find locally in Singapore  . It is more than just a Science enrichment program .

Kids are naturally curious . They love to take things apart and to find out how things work . As they are growing up , they want to learn more about the world around them – the mysterious sun that  goes hiding at night  , the wind that they cannot see but can feel  as she blows on the face  , the airplanes that are so huge and yet can fly .  They are so magical but yet ,  amazing and  fascinating  to our kids .

 Wow it works | Help kids discover

The WOW it WORKS   program is specially tailored to help kids learn about the world around them and to encourage them to discover how things work   . The process of learning is to really getting the kids to apply what they have learned by designing and building models so that they can physically see and  experience what works and what did not work (and why) . The wow it works program gives kids the opportunity to design , construct and think , with guidance from the trainers .

 Wow it works | What is the program about ?

In Summary , the  Wow It  WORKS  program is about

  • having fun . Infact lots of fun
  • Letting kids learn through the process of discovery how things work
  • Applying what they have learned by designing and building useful models
  • Gives kids the opportunity to design , construct and think
  • Design and build models that actually works
  • allowing kids to play with their own built models and other kids
  • interacting and socializing with others in teams

 Wow it works | Why this title ?

We specifically choose  “wow it works”  as a title as it has the following meaning .  The “Wow” signify excitement in kids . Its a strong feeling of  expression . Amazement .  The “It Works” simply means the design and construction of physical models by kids that actually works .  The entire process of eventually trying something and getting a physical model to work helps to

  • bring a sense of accomplishment
  • build self confidence
  • show others that they  (kids)  “can do it” too
  • Demonstrate “mastery”
  • physically SEE and  BELIEVE in their own abilities of what they  (kids) can do

For us as teachers , trainers and course developer , that smile on kids faces brings a lot of joy , not just for the kids , but us as well . So contact us to find out more about the wow it works program

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