Wow it works | Gravity robots

wow it works gravity robots

The “wow it works” gravity robot was inspired by the book , titled “Robotics” written by Kathy Ceceri . There are about 20 robotic  projects in this book . The book is  meant for kids age 9 to 12 years old . It is an excellent book to introduce kids to the world of robotics . The only problem  is that we can’t find the book in Singapore , except buying one on-line . Luckily after a few calls to the regular bookstores in Singapore , there is only ONE available at Kinokuniya at Orchard . So we picked up the ONE and only copy  ( oops .. sorry folks , you have to wait for them to replenish unless you buy it on-line )

 Wow it works | About “Robotics” the book

wow it works gravity robot If one has studied electronics , then you come across very familiar terms such as actuators , sensors and controllers in the book  . At the end of the book , Kathy talks about the programming codes that we can get robots to do things . If you have a 9 year old kid , yes , it make a lot of sense to get them to know what these terms mean and what they do .

So anyway , for “wow it works” program , we wanted kids to learn about center of mass (gravity) and how it affects us , as we walk , sit or stand up .  We kind of like the passive robot which is ONE of the project in Kathy’s book on “Robotics” . The book provides ideas and concepts but don’t expect readily available templates  in the book though . We had a combination of different size beads of different weights , and sticks of different length  . The angle of the incline plane matters too , not to mention the surfaces of the plane and the “feet” of the robot . We have to identify all potential problems that could arise when the kids use the templates we provide as they learn to tweak and optimize the parameters that affect their gravity robots .

 Wow it works | Stability

For the “wow it works” program , if the robot is a little too high , its unstable . Too short , the beads at the end of the stick tend to hit the floor and the robot does not exhibit the “walking” movement that we desire . If the center bead is too small , the 2 legs  may touch one another . Of course we can easily change the  angle of the incline plane and “reset” everything . One thing does come up very clearly though … the “feet” matters a lot actually .

wow it works gravity robots

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