Wow it works | Balanced Robot

balanced robot

The wow it works balanced robot is actually a continuation of “balance and motion” . In the case of balance and motion,  we did not manage to perform the balancing act on a pulley , because we had  problems sourcing  for a small pulley . This time we managed to locate a reasonable small pulley , and therefore we try to complete what we did not achieve the last time . So here it is


Balanced robot | using a clothespin

Before we do the balanced robot , we tried using a clothespin because it is very simple to balance it on a thin thread . We can always decorate the clothespin with a head and  arms , since we already have the 2 legs resting and balancing on a thread

balanced robot

Wow it works | balanced robot on a pulley

Here is a balanced robot using a toilet paper roll on a pulley . Unlike the clothespin , note that we only make use of 1 balancer for this robot  .

wow it works

Here is our R2D2 balanced robot from wow it works . Not quite like R2D2 yet but soon . Noticed how the thread is balanced on the pulley .

balanced robot

Here is the video with the balanced robot sliding down a thin thread . Next time we will make the robot slide down a hard wire which we can bend left and right , up and down .  So maybe next time we will get to see

  Wow it works | Simple balanced robot

In a  nutshell , it is very simple to achieve balance . As long as the center of gravity or mass is below the pivot point or fulcrum , the object should easily maintain its balance . So here it is , balanced robot from wow it works


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