Wow it works | Balanced dragonfly

wow it works balanced dragonfly

This wow it works program for kids is also about center of mass (Gravity) .

Here we have photographs of a bird and also a dragonfly  in equilibrium . The bird  is something that we bought when we were in Australia in 2002 while the  balanced dragonfly , which is made of bamboo is from ZhangJiaJie , China , during one of our holidays in  2011 . We are not sure if these are available locally in Singapore , but you can made them yourself using cardboard . Noticed the similarities between the 2 creatures !!

 Wow it works | Center of Mass

wow it works balanced dragonflywow it works balanced birdwow it works balanced dragonflywow it works balanced dragonfly
Everyone knows that a lower center of mass results in better stability . If you did not know what we were referring to “about the similarities” above , then see closely the “pivot” point of the bird and the dragonfly (beak of bird and the mouth of the dragonfly) respective to their wings . The wings are spread further in front of the head .

We traced both the dragonfly and the bird to create the template for our balanced “bird” and “dragonfly” for the  wow it works project using ordinary cardboard . Cardboard can be from your breakfast cereal or biscuits are good candidates .   Noticed how  we use paperclips at the end of the wingtips to create the “nose-dive” balance needed . We can easily balance the bird , nose-dived , but it will require a lot of paper clips than  the dragonfly . The original bird weigh close to 50 grammes ,  and with the amount of paper clips inserted onto its wing , our cardboard bird’s beak (pivot)   tend to flatten out  due to the sheer weight of the paper clips  . The dragonfly require less paper clips and was  easier to achieve the same effects .

The closer observation of the original bird suggest a heavy object inside its head near its beak so that its center of mass (gravity) is close to its beak , to allow it to achieve equilibrium .

wow it works balanced birdwow it works balanced bird

Wow it works | Balanced anything !!

Once the concept is understood , we can literally balanced anything . For wow it works activities , we can design and build a balancing  bicycle on wheels on a tight rope .  Or may be a unicycle where we make use of a small pulley as the wheel of a unicycle  on a thin thread . The idea is to get the center of mass lower than the “pivot” . That’s wow it works .

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