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Wow it works | Ironman Arc reactor

wow it works

Well , we can build an ironman arc reactor with infinity mirrors !!

Here it is , Tony Stark has a heart …… this is his HEART …. the IRONMAN ARC REACTOR

Ironman Arc reactor | Materials required

We will need the following parts to build the Ironman Arc Reactor

  • LED bulbs (1.5V ~ 3.0V Battery powered)
  • Battery holder
  • Highly reflective solar film
  • Tube (I used the tubes meant for fish pump)
  • Round Mirror x 2
  • An empty can drink
  • Copper cables or wires

For the round mirror , we need to remove the reflective mirror coating . To do this , I first use a toilet cleaner to remove the layer of paint . Once the paint is removed , we will need to remove the silver coating . To remove the silver coating , I use the dish washing cleaner JIF or CIF (renamed ) . Once the silver is removed removed , you will get clear glass . Put the solar film coating onto the round glass

Next , we will need to remove the 2 ends of an empty can drink . Be careful when using a cutter to do this . Poke 8 holes for the 8 LEDS onto the empty can drink . Then insert the 8 LEDS .

With the rubber tubing used for the fish pump , tape the 2 ends to make a circle .  The circle should be just of the right diameter that will fit the inside of the empty can drink . Then wound up some copper cables onto the round tubing . I made 8 sets of these for the 8 leds .

On one end of the empty can , mount the round mirror . On the other end , mount the round glass with solar film . Make sure that the reflective end is facing opposite the mirror . Then turn on the LEDS .

wow it works

ironman arc reactorironman arc reactor

Ironman Arc reactor | prototype 2

In this ironman arc reactor i use red blinking LEDS bought from the SGD$2.00 shop , Daiso . I replace the can drink with a container that i manage to source from Daiso too for SGD$2.00 . The good thing about the container is that on the top cover , it has a clear plastic which i can easily use to mount the reflective solar film . One of the mirror will just sit inside the container . We will need to drill a tiny hole on the container for the LEDS wires to be connected outside the container ,  to the batteries .

ironman arc reactorironman arc reactor

wow it works

wow it works

wow it works

Ironman arc reactor | Improvements

Now what can we do to further improve the existing ironman arc reactor . One thing is certain , the shiny empty container does a much better job in reflecting the LED lights . Notice that the copper coils was hardly visible in the second prototype . Also the blinking LED lights was relatively fast , so much so that one does not get to enjoy the entire appearance of the arc reactor when it was ON . Now there are many surface mount LED strips that we can get from the local stores . They sell them by meters at about SGD$16.00 per meter . Some come with controller too so that we can control the colour of the LEDS lights and the combination of the colours . The controller can be relatively cheap , sometimes under SGD$5.00 a piece . The only problem is that such strips LEDS require a larger voltage to operate , mostly at 12V , but they are much brighter and the effect better !!

So enjoy making your Ironman Arc reactor from Wow it WORKS !!




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