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walkalong glider wow it works

The Walkalong Glider is now available in Singapore …. brought to you specially by WOW !! it WORKS !! program for kids . Enjoy this remarkable thin foam flying objects that mysteriously levitate out of nowhere .


Walkalong Glider |Flying the glider

Although most of our videos on thin foams are done outdoor , thin foam walkalong glider is best done indoors where there is very little wind or air movement . School halls or community sports centres with large space and with the fan turned off is most ideal for these paper thin foam gliders .   These foams are so thin , less than 1.0mm thick and they are so light  that the slightest wind can cause severe turbulance to the flying foams . Though we use  a cupboard to fly a walkalong glider , these gliders can be flown with just your hands instead of the cupboards if one have sufficient practise .

Walkalong Glider | Principles of aerodynamics

Other than basic aerodynamics knowledge that we need to apply to the glider wing structure , unlike that of an aeroplane that has a tail , the walkalong glider does not have one and therefore relies very heavily on the small wire that we stick at the front of the glider .  The aerodynamics and the adjustment of the weight of the front wire is very important for the glider to achieve good and stable flight , else it will nose-dive or stall during flight . The distribution of weight is key and therefore dual wings thin foams gliders pose some challenges especially how the weight is redistributed when the front and back wings are joined together .

Walkalong Glider | Biomimicry

We did several gliders after researching the wing designs of flying animals such as the soaring eagle , flying stork , flying fish , stingrays , flying foxes , pterodactyl (Yes , the dinosaur , pterodactyl !!) and also those from the insect kingdom such as butterflies , moths ,  ants , dragonflies and so forth . True to expectation , all of them flew wonderfully well , except for the dragonfly whose wings are a little small . But nevertheless , it flew too!!

Walkalong Glider wow it worksWalkalong Glider



wow it works singaporeWalkalong Glider




Walkalong Glider | In Summary

Today we have the capability to slice foam < 1.0mm thick to introduce Walkalong glider  to kids in Singapore . In the future there will be more revisions and improvement that we will have on the walkalong glider . So stay tune . Walkalong glider , only from WOW it WORKS !!

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