Wow It Works | Miniature kites

Here is another school project from Wow it works , miniature kites

Kites | Miniature Kites

In the olden days , traditional  kites are made using bamboo sticks  and  rice paper. Thread is used to form the basic shape of  the kite . Nowadays , it is very difficult to find bamboo sticks and you can’t find rice paper anymore . However tracing paper can still do the job but not as well as rice paper .

This is how thread is used to form the basic shape of any kite .

School project | kites

I used a bamboo stick (from my favourite $2.00 shop Daiso) as the spine and a thin carbon rod from a  hobby shop as the spar .

Miniature Kites | For Kids

As my project involved kids below the age of 12 , getting kids to tie the thread to form the basic shape of a kite would be a real challenge . So ,  we explore easier alternatives for kids and since we made use of foam for our walk along glider , we might as well adopt and borrow certain ideas from our past projects  .

So here we come up with an idea for our very own  miniature kites , just using just foam and tapes . The miniature kite has a wing span of less than 20cm and it does not need strong wind to fly the kite . It can be flown indoor . The beauty of these miniature kites using foam is that kids still can design whatever kite shapes they want easily . We let kids design their own kites . However , foam alone is not enough to build a kite . A kite unlike the walk along glider needs a frame because it needs to withstand the stronger wind .

wow it works | Miniature kites

Note that we used carbon rod as spars and a yakult straw for the spine . No thread , but tapes to keep the spine and spar in its position

school project | miniature kites

Miniature Kites

wow it works | Miniature kites

Miniature Kites | School project

We will still need to use a needle and thread to form the bridle

miniature kites for kids

miniature kites for kids

Now that its done , try to fly the  miniature kite . One will soon realise that the miniature kite is very unstable . It tend to turn and just won’t fly . Now we need to attach a tail to the end of both wings to provide stability to the  miniature kites . Cut a 2x40cm long paper , best from newspaper , about 0.5cm in width and attached to the end of both wing .

Now try to fly the miniature kites again … It should be much stable now . Enjoy the miniature kites

school projects | miniature kites

wow it works | miniature kites

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