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Wow it Works would like to wish everyone A HAPPY NEW YEAR .

wow it works

To start off the New Year , Wow it works is giving away free walkalong glider . Yes folks !!! Its FREE . Its only for a limited period only from now till January 15th 2013

Wow it Works | What do you need to do to get free walkalong glider

All you have to do is

  1. to “like” us (see photograph below) on our website .
  2. Next , go to our “contact us” page and fill in your particulars so that we can have your address to ship the FREE Glider to you .

wow it works

It’s that simple . After you have received the glider via post , tell us if you manage to get to fly the walkalong glider . At the moment , we can only ship the free walkalong glider to folks in Singapore and Malaysia only .

Wow it works | Photos of walkalong glider

Here are the latest samples that we have produced . We have managed to add better colours to these gliders to give it a more realistic look . Most of the work is still very manual . If you want to see videos of the walkalong gliders , click [here]

wow it workswow it works

Wow it works | what to do when you receive your free glider

Well , once we have your physical address , we will ship you the free sample . Shipment via post will take several days and furthermore we aren’t sure if the walkalong glider will be mistreated and mis-handled on the way to its new owner , eventhough we will be taking the necessary special precaution for shipment   . But nevertheless do let us k now .

Once you receive your glider , there will be a set of instructions as to how you should assemble the glider . We will provide everything that is needed to assemble your walkalong  glider . However , we will not be able to provide a cardboard to fly the glider , so please do not expect cardboard to be shipped with the glider .  If you still encounter problems , you can  always write to us via the ‘contact us” page on our website .

Wow it works | have fun with your walkalong glider

You will enjoy flying this mysterious glider for hours . Please do take note that slight breeze may cause severe air turbulence to your glider , so it is best to fly in an indoor area like school halls with the fan turned off . Air condition room may affect the glider performance .  If there is difficulty finding a location , then we suggest flying the walkalong glider in the early morning  in an open space before the wind starts .

Good luck and enjoy the free walkalong glider … only from wow it works

walkalong glider


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