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The wow it works programs are modular programs and kids get to learn new things everyday in the program . Each program is a fun-filled activity based program with focus on

  1. learning and acquiring of  knowledge by kids
  2. application of knowledge
  3. design and build with the newly acquired by kids
  4. teamwork and socializing
  5. most importantly , having fun

Here are some of the activities

 Activities | “wow it works” Gravity robots

The theme is about the Center of mass (or center of gravity) .  Kids will learn what is  the center of mass and how it affects  balance and equilibrium . Kids will also learn what are the factors that affect center of mass such as the height , base and shape (or form) , which is the reason why  a racing car is more stable than a double decker bus . In this activity , the design and construction of the gravity robot is through a  set of templates assigned , which will allow kids to experiment with the different combinations so that they can experience the different factors and impact they might have on the stability of the gravity robots .

activities wow it worksactivities wow it works

wow it works gravity robot

Activities | “wow it works” paper roller coaster

In this activity , kids gets to learn about inclined planes and how they affect the speed (up and down)  . The larger the inclination , the faster the fall (downhill) . To reduce the speed , a lower inclined plane , steps or a spiral are possible options . If when a car wants to go up a hill , a car will have difficulty going up if the inclination is very steep . So options like spiral , where one drives around the mountain to get to the mountain top can be a solution . So by understanding the various ways and means to go up or come down , one can actually design and build a roller coaster using paper to demonstrate the concept of height and distance , including a loop , where the speed of travel and the height of the loop matters !!

Activities | “wow it works” pin wheel

The theme is about “Wind” . Kids get to learn about the mysterious wind , which they cannot see , but , they can feel or know , when the leaves of a tree moves . Kids get to know how wind is created and what we can do with wind and what are its application . Without wind or air movement , the plane will will not be able to fly as it has  no “lift” , and the sail boat will not move . With the wind we can create “work” and also light up our homes . Through a very simple construction of a pin wheel , kids get to play with different pin wheel sizes to determine which can do more work . The pin wheel can also light up a bulb as shown in the video below . In the end , kids get to experience and use the knowledge to design and build models that represent the real world

Activities  | “Wow it works”windmill

wow it works This activity helps kids investigate and experiment a few different parameters affecting the windmill . It  allows

  • a different number of blades to be used on the windmill , from 2 to 4 blades
  • a different blades design , some tapered at the ends , some thin , some broad ,
  • a different blade angles .



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