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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Wow it works | Event at Rochester mall


Wow it works had its first event at Rochester Mall on 21st December 2012 . Most people may not know where is Rochester mall but its at Buona Vista , Singapore .

Wow it works | Balance and motion

balance and motion

In the “wow it works”  balance and motion activities , at the end , we need to apply newly acquired knowledge as to how we can balance a pencil on a finger  . Possible ? Let’s try .

Wow it works | Center of Gravity

center of gravity

In this wow it works activity , kids learn about center of gravity or mass on an incline plane . What happens to a ball on an incline plane ? It rolls down of course . But why? Here we get kids to build the gravity robot that literally “walk” down the slope . To be able to move , we first need to shift the center of gravity . But that would cause some imbalance , and that is precisely what happen to the gravity robot

Wow it works | MOE Singapore

moe singapore

The “wow it works” program has a close relevancy to the syllabus  dictated by MOE Singapore . We will use the “walkalong glider” as an example how this project can be fitted into MOE Singapore  requirements as “Inquiry based education” for kids .

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